About Me

My name is James Allen, I’m 15 years old and I live in the Isle of Man, UK.

In late April 2012 I came up with an idea for an iPhone game. This blog is going to function as my online “journal” for the development process, pre-launch marketing and launch.

I am a hands down Apple fanatic. I love Apple products – over the years I’ve collected a MacBook pro, an iMac, an iPhone 4S and an iPad. What comes with loving Apple products is loving apps – games, utilities, entertainment – I love apps and spend most of my life on them.

The second thing I am obsessed about is business. Both my parents are in business – my father’s a hotelier (previously in the software industry) and my mother a saleswoman/businesswoman for her own business (its a complicated one so I won’t go into detail). Basically, business is in my blood. And I think it shows. I had my first business selling ice cream on the beach opposite my house one summer when I was ten. At the age of eleven, I started a business selling chicken eggs from my Grandad’s chickens to teachers at school. From there my businesses just got bigger and better, moving more into technology and e-commerce as time progressed.

From an early age I would come home from school and sit on my mums laptop in the sitting room designing anything and everything on Word and just exploring the internet – by the end of my years as what I would call a “child” (pre-teens) I was better at using computers than my mum, and fast approaching my dad. At the age of eight I created my first website using a drag and drop system called “Back to the Beach”, at the age of 10 my first computer game using similar software but for games. I have proceeded to make multiple websites for my businesses over the past five years.

That’s pretty much a snapshot of my life’s story – hopefully you can piece it together to picture the sort of person I am… and I hope you enjoy reading my blog or possibly even find it interesting.

Any support or suggestions are welcome – please email: james@savegloop.com.


4 responses to “About Me

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  2. Michael

    Hello. Do you plan on coming out with any more iPhone apps. I first bought your Save Gloop app a few years ago. Keep the games or apps coming.

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for your message! I’m always looking for new projects to work on, and I can confirm I am currently working on a new app. It’s top secret but really exciting – when it launches early next year, I believe it will revolutionise the way we do a certain task… 🙂

      Anyway, I can’t go into too much detail, but please follow the blog or like the Facebook page to keep in touch.



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